Thursday, July 16, 2009


Susanna Speier, writer and performance artist extraordinaire, contacted me about writing some Politiku for a Huffington post piece. It's like Haiku, but, um, political in nature (clever, eh?). This week's theme is Apollo 11. I found the idea charming, challenging and weird, so of course I tried it. Results follow, for your amusement or disdain.

Apollo 11

Selene lights the night
Aiming left, mid-course boost
Soon we’ll be embraced

Eagle descending
1202 alarm- trouble
But we continue

Long night in the LM
Sleeping in my pressure suit
I can smell the moon

Reentry over
Bobbing in the warm ocean
The air smells so sweet

Fifty pounds of rocks
Proof we went, proof we conquered
A bit of the moon

Release your inner critic and praise or savage me below.

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