Monday, June 15, 2009


More launch madness! Sticking in Florida until SOMETHING launches... the new info, as of Monday afternoon, is that NASA has decided to delay the LRO/Atlas launch to allow the shuttle Endeavour to make a lunch attempt on Wednesday AM. Now, according to standard range turnaround rules, regardless of the pad used (Shuttle is on 39, LRO is on 41), the Cape is supposed to have two days between launch attempts. But in this case, probably because the shuttle is scheduled for an early AM window, the LRO can be rescheduled for a Thursday, June 18 try at about 5PM. So to get back to the original (selfish) point of this post, waiting till Saturday should result in witnessing the launch of something...

It's time for another downloadable. Today's bit of memorabilia is an interesting piece of artwork from the early 60's. It's an uncredited bit of art from the Johnson archives, showing an early LOR flight profile for Apollo. Has a very "Disney" feel to it. It's straight from the interior of my book, and that version will spare you the watermarks (apologies!).

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