Sunday, June 7, 2009


Today's post comes from blustery Northern California, where I am hooking up with some old Stanford friends (and a Berkeley one...). Then in mid-week it's off to Florida for the June 13 shuttle launch. A few days at the Cape, and back to LA. Then to work on some Apollo 11 video. Whoopie!

This download is from a 1948 FBI memo asserting the likelihood that Wernher von Braun was, in fact, a member of the Nazi party. Citing conversations with (BLACKED OUT), the Bureau concludes that he was a member of the SS as well- surely the worst of associations available to a post-WWII German living in the United States. Further investigation is invited, and more was forthcoming... but amounted to little. Von Braun's value to the US overrode such considerations, and he and his team form Peenemunde went on to design and build the most powerful and complex flying machine in the US inventory- the mighty Saturn V.

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