Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today's downloadable is a telegram sent to Chris Kraft during the ill-starred mission of Apollo 13. I was form Caleb B. "K" Hurtt, then president of Martin. One of many such telegrams received by NASA during the mission, the senders of these telegrams meant what they said- and many proved it by manning their posts around-the-clock, at company cost, until the astronauts were home safe.

Having returned from a launch-less trip to Florida (well, for the shuttle anyway), it's time to get busy with the never-ending job of book promotion. I'll be speaking at a number of local venues around the time of the Apollo 11 40th anniversary, and hope to meet some folks who love space exploration as much as I do!

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Welcome to the Missions to the Moon book blog. This is a place to re-live the heady days of the Apollo and Soyuz lunar programs- perhaps the crowning achievements of the 20th Century. Many blog entries will include a new downloadable image or artifact from the space age- items rarely seen and not available in print. It's all in the spirit of my newest book, Missions to the Moon- to remember the great adventure of the Golden Age of space exploration, and ponder what wonders await us in space.

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